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Change up those writing assignments!

In school, writing is broken up into three major categories. These are called Expository (Fact) Writing, Narrative Writing, and Argument (Opinion) Writing.

Is one of your goals this year to have your child practice doing different types of writing? One way you can mix up their writing is by having them write about the same topic, but using a different style.

Let’s say you’re learning about the solar system.

* You can have your child write an ABC Fact Book for you about what they’ve learned (Expository)

* They can write a STORY about a child who is looking at the stars (and of course incorporate facts that they’ve learned, just to show they’ve learned something 😉 ) (Narrative)

* They can write a STORY from the perspective of a star and what’s going on in the galaxies (Narrative)

* They can write an OPINION LETTER telling NASA which part of the universe they should explore next, and explain why. (Opinion)

With just a small change, your child’s writing can go from just writing about what they learned, to exciting and more creative!

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