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If you’ve you just found this website, I’m assuming you’re looking academic support due to current events. If so, welcome 😊 If not, I’m so glad you found my site!

My number one goal is helping parents educate their kids. I have TONS of resources that I’m preparing to share with you to simplify the home schooling process.

You want lists? I got them!
You want encouragement? I’m here for you!
You need help getting started? Come right this way!

Keep looking around my blog for resources and ideas. And stay tuned for my upcoming Home School Guide and online course that will tell you exactly what you need to get started on home schooling and be successful!

In addition to home school support, I also offer a variety of online classes and tutoring. If you would like more personalized support, let me know!

Photo by Janko Ferlic on Pexels.com

I offer online classes and personalized tutoring in reading, writing, and literature classes for all grades and ability levels.

It’s also totally possible (an amazing) to incorporate other subjects into reading and writing. If you would like short-term support during this time in teaching your child and keeping them caught up, Shoot me a message or send me an email, and we can decide the best course of action.

Keep your eyes peeled for next quarters online classes. This quarter we’re reading Anne of Green Gables and Doctor Dolittle it’s been soo good! I’d love for you to join us for our next book!

Updated 6/2020

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