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Mama Pedagogue

I’m super excited to announce that I’m starting a new blog that focuses specifically on helping moms teach their children!

Whether you’re officially a teacher-mom who homeschools, or send your kids to either public or private school, or you have little ones who you’re teaching to potty train (solidarity!) I believe that YOU are your child’s first teacher, and will remain so while they’re under your tutelage.

1. (n.) Mother.
2. (n.) A woman.

1. (n.) A Roman servant who took children to school and on outings, but also taught them—from Greek ped, “child,” and agein, “to lead.”
2. (n.) A schoolteacher; an educator.
3. (n.) One who instructs in a pedantic or dogmatic manner.
4. (v.) To teach; especially, to teach with the air of a pedagogue.

So are you ready to be the teacher of your children? Do you want to know more about HOW to teach your kiddos? Do you want to understand what the heck your child’s teachers are talking about when they talk about Reading Levels, Scaffolding, or Guided Reading?

How did I get to this point where I really wanted to help moms feel confident to train their children? I have a unique perspective as a homeschooler + linguist + teacher + mother to help moms
* B.A. in Linguistics and Political Science from the University of Oregon
* Masters in Teaching from George Fox University
* Certified Teacher in Linguistics, Language Arts, and Social Studies
* ESOL Teacher in an elementary school for three years, and taught in all of the grade levels before having my children and staying home
* Stay-at-home-mom for five plus years to my two kiddos
* Ready to get back into education, but still want to stay home to be with my own children
* Began tutoring on the side as a challenge and to get back into academics
* Started 26 Letters – and now Mama Pedagogue!

And so here I am – Teacher + Mother – and I want to help you!

So wherever you’re at in your journey, I hope you’ll find encouragement and support knowing that you CAN do this!