learning to read

Favorite Learning to Reading Resources

Here are some of my favorite resources for you to help your child learn to read!

I love the Jolly Phonics program. It’s a British program, and you don’t have to buy the whole program in order to use it. Their systematic approach to phonograms is partially what I based my own reading instruction off of (because phonograms are the best way to teach reading). Amazon sells their leveled books, and those are great! If you’re hoping to find a all-in-one program, this is it. I have many of the resources if you’d like to take a look.

Obviously, this website is partially dedicated to teaching your child to read, so of course I have lots of suggestions. I am very much of the opinion you don’t really need expensive programs to teach your child. You can practice identifying letter and sounds and initial sounds easily at home.

The very best thing to practice reading is just playing reading games. Almost all of these you can adapt from games your child already knows and plays!

  • matching
  • sorting
  • tic-tac-toe
  • bingo
  • simple game board (Candylane)
  • toss a ball and say the letter
  • jump and say the sound
  • paint the letter, color the letter, sticker the letter
  • make it out of play dough, pipe cleaners, or wiki sticks