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Learning to Read Program

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Learning to read is my favorite thing to talk about these days.

It could be because my son is FINALLY able to read to me and is SUPER thrilled to be able to sound out words that he sees all around it. (Cue having to write everything in code from now on.)

It could be because I have students on all ends of the reading spectrum who are also learning to read and it’s so exciting to see the light bulbs in their minds turn on.

It could be because I am teaching my second year of preschool this year and am always coming up with new reading activities.

Or it could be because I am designing my OWN READING PROGRAM!

Iiiiiit’s pretty much all of the above. And it’s super amazing!

My biggest, most annoying pet peeve as a teacher is all of the reading programs who, although well intentioned, teach reading all wrong. And yes, I’m super opinionated. But I also have come from a linguistics perspective, taught students who are learning to speak English how to read, and help students who experience dyslexia learn to read that so many of these reading programs just make me mad.

Reading is one of the most unnaturally natural thing a child learns to do. The mere fact that our brain can process these squiggles into meaningful words, and the speed that they learn it is seriously mind-blowing.

So with that in mind, I have been doing the research and practicing what I teach for several years now, and I think I’m ready. I want to create a program for YOU that helps you teach your child to read. I want it to be simple, straightforward, and easy to follow. But I also want it to be comprehensive, language-based, and truly reflective how English is spelled.

So here’s a SNEAK PEAK of what it will include:

  • phonograms
  • leveled lessons based on where your child
  • assessments
  • resources and games to practice the skills
  • and more!

I’m SUPER EXCITED! I have been dreaming this up for a while now, and I really want it to be exactly what you need and something that is totally useful for you.

Interested in participating in a pilot group? Join now!