Writing Support

Reading Resources

Here is a list of my favorite resources to support reading comprehension, some are paid and some are free

Superteacherworksheets.com – There are some free resources and you can buy a paid subscription to access all of the worksheets (which include other school topics as well)

LearningA-Z.com – This is a paid subscription (I think it’s roughly $100/year), but it chock full of leveled readers that you can print out for your child. If you have multiple children at different levels, I would definitely encourage you to look into it. There are pros and cons to strictly looking at reading through a reading-level-only approach, however, just having these readers as a resources is great. They also have an online e-book resource called RazKids that’s more fun and engaging, but the reading is all on a tablet or computer, so that’s a personal reading decision whether you want your child reading on a screen.

We Give Books – free online eBook resource

Hoopla/Libby – check your local library’s online e-books resources. I have found so many books through this system especially if you’re looking for classics.

Scribd – this would be for older students, but it has both eBooks and audiobooks. It’s a monthly subscription for $9/month to be able to access unlimited books, and they’re always available (unlike the libary). I love it and subscribe to it for my own books.

Audible – Online audiobooks. This is not my favorite because it’s more expensive ($14/month) and you only get one book a month, but it’s an excellent resource if you want to keep the audiobooks

Read Works – online resource for eBooks