Writing Support

Social Studies / Science / Math Resources

I don’t specifically focus on other content areas as my main focus is reading and writing. However, they are important and finding fun resources can be difficult. And you can incorporate any number of reading and writing activities 😉

Brain Pop – Awesome short videos for elementary students about various topics. It’s a paid subscription, but I believe there are several free videos

Kahn Academy – amazing resources on every topic imaginable (well, mostly). He started off as a math resources, and expanded into other subjects.

iCivics – FREE interactive social studies games for older students. Authentic learning and able to play together, with partners, or in a group

Ducksters.com – FREE awesome articles and a few short videos on history, geography, and science

Mycasemaker.org – FREE resources to dig deeper into historical questions. You’re able to differentiate for different learning abilities

MissionUS – Basically, the updated version of the Oregon Trail game you played as a kid 😉

Story of the World – The story of history, written as an actual story. These books are great for younger students to introduce them to history in a fun and entertaining way.