learning to read

Learning to Read – Part 1

STEP 1: Introduce the Letters

From an early age, your child can begin identifying the letters of the alphabet. Make learning a part of your everyday activities. When you’re reading, point out letters. Show him a stop sign and say the letters. I have also included several games that you can use to help your child practice identifying the letters.

As you’re learning the letter names, focus on LOWERCASE. 90% of the letters we use are lowercase. And at this point, your child is forming a picture in his/her mind of what the letter looks like. Emphasize the lowercase letters, and explain that capital letters are for names. And say capital/lowercase letters, not “big/small letters” (big letter implies size, not type)

Soap box: they teach capital letters because they’re “easier to form”, so many so called “educational toys” exclusively use capital letters. This is dumb. Throw away all of those types of toys. Seriously. It will just confuse your child later on. If your child asks, say we use capital letters for names