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Learning to Read, Part 2

Practice the Letters!

Introduce the letters, one letter at a time, one group at a time [S, A, T, I, N, P]

  • This is the letter S
  • S says /s/ (say the sound)
  • Like …. Snake! Santa! Sam! Silly! Sack!

Play with the letter to have fun!

  • Decorate an S
  • Trace with finger in the air / sand / chalk
  • Kinesthetic – draw in the air

Find it (Identification)

  • Laminate chart with SATINP letters
  • Find it in a board book
  • Hang [s] stickers, flash cards, magnet letters around the house
  • Find the [e] … find the /e/
  • Roll the dice and say the letter (erasable die)

Initial Sound

  • There’s a snake! Snake starts with a ….. S!
  • What does /s/ /s/ snake start with?
  • What starts with the letter [s]?
  • What starts with the /s/ sound?


  • Dry erase with letters, match
  • Match sound with picture words
  • Use white dot stickers to match to TP roll / paper
  • Magnetic letters, sort into group
  • -> Always check: what letter is this? What does [t] say?