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Learning to Read, Part 4

As you’re beginning to teach sounds and letters, writing is not a focus. It is a separate skill. So, if your child struggles with writing, it’s ok – practice it separately (I’ll give ideas later).

However, if your child is ready for some writing, it will help imprint the image in their mind and connect their hand drawing the letter with how the letter looks. When you start writing (whether with a pencil, or with their finger in sand), you do want to start correctly, and not have to re-learn how to draw the letters later on. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Always teach lowercase
  • Always start at the top, except for D and E
  • D is a ROUND letter with a tall part (like the letters a, c, g, and q)
  • E starts in the middle, goes over, up, and around
  • Discuss TALL letters, SHORT letters, and LOW letters

Tall Letters are: b, d, f, h, k, l, t

Short letters are: a, c, e, i, m, n, o, r, s, u, v, w, x, z

Low letters are: g, j, p, q