learning to read

Learning to Read – Ways to Practice

Ways to practice the letters

  • Magnetic letters
  • Make them out of playdough
  • Stamp them (on paper or in playdough)
  • Paint them with water
  • Draw them with chalk
  • Decorate them with stickers
  • Write them with markers (or dry erase or gel pens)
  • Erase them with water on a chalkboard (or your finger)
  • Letter sort
    • Sticky notes – Find the letter …. Run to the letter …
    • Circle dot stickers – find the letter … sort the letters,
  • Compare and contrast – Letter search – circle / color / X the letter
    • This can be done with different fonts and print it out from the computer – this can help show that the letters can sometimes be written differently – make sure not to pick too crazy of fonts for beginners, and be careful to explain that A and G can be
    • written in “print/computer” font (a vs. a and g vs. g)
  • Letter Discovery – use a white crayon on white paper, and let them paint the page with water colors to “find” all of the letters (and identify them!)
  • “Read” a book – grab a kids book (start shorter and larger letters at the beginning) and as him to identify all of the letters
  • Hop scotch
  • Throw the dart, say the letter
  • Toss a ball, say the letter
  •  Run to the letter
  • Spin, [a] says /a/
  • Song
  • Paint the letter
  • Draw the letter
  • Sticker the letter
  • Build it: pipe cleaners, wiki sticks
  • Compare and contrast finding the letter with different fonts