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Planning your curriculum

So you’re planning on teaching from home.

Now what?

First, get real with yourself about WHY you want to teach. This will set your purpose and help focus your teaching so you’re not spinning around in circles.

➢ Is this short-term or long-term?
➢ Is your child(ren) on-board? Your spouse?
➢ Was there a catalyst that prompted you?
➢ How excited are you about the prospect of home education? What are your fears?
➢ What are the other factors that will affect home schooling?

Then, you need to consider WHAT you want to teach. You do not need to teach every possible topic on every subject every day. You will implode. If you’re just starting out, I would suggest you start very slowly and work your way up.

➢ What subjects do you/spouse enjoy most/least?
➢ What subjects does your child(ren) enjoy most/least?
➢ What do you consider “core” subjects? (Reading/Writing/Math?)
➢ What subjects could you put on hold for a month or two?

Now, consider what resources do you have available?
➢ Do you want a pre-planned curriculum?
➢ Do you want to try to do most of it yourself? (side note, this is my fave for elementary – and I’d love to help you plan!)
➢ Any neighbors, grandparents, aunts or uncles, or friends who are experts who would love to help you out? Skype or Facetime are amazing options for this

Are there any topics that you can combine?
Why teach writing and reading and history when you can find one book at your child’s reading level, and have them read and write about the historical subject – three-fer for the win!

What else would you include to get started planning your curriculum?

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