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Calendar Time

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I love starting our morning with calendar time!

It’s a routine my kids have on auto-pilot, and at this point, I can usually have them lead the activities with minimal help.

In a 15-30 minute time-frame, we also get in some amazing number sense!

What it includes:

  • Days of the Week
  • Months of the Year
  • Counting to the Date (numbers 1-30)
  • Counting to a special day (for example, starting at today’s date until their birthday)
  • Logic (What day is today? What day of the week is it? What month comes next?)
  • Number of the Day
    • Representing the number with objects
    • Finding the number on a number line
    • Using a 10-frame
    • Basic addition (How many more until 10? How many more than 10?)
    • Tally Marks
    • Rote Counting

I have a huge calendar for the group as well as laminated 10-frames, tally marks, and a number line for my kids to follow along with. I have a pocket chart (or you can laminate or slip into a plastic sleeve) for the kids to be able to do on their own. For the kids’ copy, I include the number of the day, and the other side is either the calendar or I have recently changed it to a 100’s chart so they can follow along while we count.

The one thing I LOVE about this is that I can easily accommodate a wide range of abilities. For little ones, they can work with numbers 1-5, or you can bump it up to 1-10, then 1-15, then to 1-20. Older kiddos even benefit from doing this with numbers 1-100, then 1-1000! There are all sorts of possibilities! Because of this, I have created several different version of my Number of the Day sheet, so choose the one that works best for your child and feel free to choose a different number.

Modeling is HUGE for this activity. This activity starts by following along until the child has a better number sense, then as he or she can begin to understand the activity, they’ll be able to do more and more on their own.

If you’ll be joining me for our online preschool, here are the Number of the Day and the Hundreds Chart that we’ll be using 📝

Number of the Day 1-10

Number of the Day 1-20

Number of the Day 1-20 with addition

Hundreds Chart

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