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Routine is the best way to set the pace for your day, make sure you accomplish what needs to get done, and not go crazy in the process!

I am a super scheduled person. I used to have a calendar that broke up the day in 15-minute intervals that I loved. Aaaaaaand then I had kids.

With kids, and real life (unless you want to be super scheduled like I was), it’s better to have a plan and a goal, but also some flexibility on how it gets done.

What I like to do is make a big picture of my day / week / month. Add in all of the things that will happen and that need to get done that might be out of the ordinary.

Today, I’ll be sharing just my daily schedule to give you an idea.

Daily, at the very minimum I know that we’ll wake up, we’ll eat, and we’ll go to bed. So that’s what I base my schedule around. We’re on a relatively flexible 7am-7pm schedule, so that’s what I included. If you have older kids, you may need to bump back bedtime another hour or two to your evening.

Then … what needs to get done? Make a list of both daily things that should happen more-or-less daily, as well as big things that you’d like to get done during this time. For my big-picture list, I have some school projects to work on and books I’d like to read, as well as continue studying Spanish, and I also need to majorly declutter my house. What are some projects you’re working on?

I include some large-motor, small-motor, and play ideas for kids. I plan to share specifics in my next post.

So now you know what your day looks like in general, and some tasks to do during this time (and probably some ideas of when these tasks should get done),

Now, I like to make a table of these tasks (with pictures for my non-reading kiddos and just for visual appeal), print them, back them on card stock and/or laminate. I’ll share mine, but they’re super easy to make with Microsoft Word now that you can use Apple emojis as text.

Like I’ve said, I don’t really do well with a super structured routine. But if I have a general idea of what needs to get done, I have the momentum to at least get me to the next thing. So what I do is lay out these pictures either on a magnetic board (magnetic tape is AMAZING) or with velcro. It basically is just to show my kids what’s happening NOW, and what’s happening NEXT. If they know that FIRST, mommy is going to be on the computer until the timer beeps, THEN we’ll play a game together, they are MUCH more likely to leave me alone for my allotted 30 minutes 😉

Here is a word doc of the above screenshots all in one page that you can customize for your family. I haven’t made it pretty yet, so I will hopefully come up with a prettier version soon.

Daily Schedule editable document

If you find this helpful, I would love it if you could share it with your friends and join my facebook group! ❤️

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