About 26 Letters

Did you know … The English language is made up of only 26 letters, and yet, everything that you have ever read, said, or have heard (in English) is represented and symbolized using those same 26 Letters.

I have always been fascinated with words and languages, and I want to take this passion and share it with you!

Using my love for words and my passion for education and home schooling, my goal is to break down the learning process and simplify it. I take a task that seems overwhelming at first and break it down so that students learn not only what but also why.

In this time of craziness when many parents are turning to homeschooling, I want to help simplify the process for you and help you feel confident in educating your children at home! You can homes chool your children! You just need a few tips and tricks to get your started 😀

There are a million curriculum out there, and it can become completely overwhelming! I can show you exactly what you need to teach and give you the tools to do it without textbooks and boring worksheets!

Learning should be fun, and homeschooling is a big task, but it should be enjoyable and simple. I can help you get there.

My mission is to support parents and to encourage the love of learning 💜

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My mission is to support parents and to encourage the love of learning 💜”

Jessica Nishi