Reading (Comprehension)

Comprehension Skills

Here is a quick list of Comprehension Skills to teach your child how to understand what he/she reads. Main Idea - the main idea is what the story is mostly, or mainly, about Read the Text Think about what the text is mostly aboutAsk yourself, "Is that the most important idea?" Look for details to… Continue reading Comprehension Skills

Reading (Comprehension)

Comprehension Strategies

I want to take a second here and throw out some amazing comprehension strategies that I used as a teacher that are great to pull out to help make sure students are learning. These strategies are ones that you teach to your student for them to use for themselves while they're reading to make sure… Continue reading Comprehension Strategies

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Reference Guides Galore!

Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) on I'm a sucker for a cheat sheet. My favorite thing (during my very misspent youth, apparently) was reading the reference guides on the American Civil War, on Grammar Rules, Weights and Measurement Conversions, or on Chemistry formulas. There's just something satisfying about seeing everything you kinda know laid… Continue reading Reference Guides Galore!