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Types of Writing

It just dawned on me today that I have been teaching using a formula too much. When students struggle with writing, it is sooo helpful to go back to the basics. Focus on the skills they need, and build up from there. But you know what.... sometimes that's just boring! It's hard when you want… Continue reading Types of Writing

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Spelling for Littles

When you're learning to read and write, spelling can be a double-edged sword. It facilitates the learning process as your child internalizes the interplay between words and sounds. It frustrates your learner because nothing is spelled or pronounced consistently. Here's how to startAsk your child: How do you spell “HIT”?Break down the sounds /h/ -… Continue reading Spelling for Littles


Writing for Beginners: Letter Formation

Nothing is more frustrating than getting a student (who DOESN'T want to write) to write. How can we mitigate the problem and make writing more enjoyable? This post is specifically about handwriting and beginning writing for younger students. This isn't necessarily for older students, or those who are past the basic writing skills. But primarily… Continue reading Writing for Beginners: Letter Formation

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Reference Guides Galore!

Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) on I'm a sucker for a cheat sheet. My favorite thing (during my very misspent youth, apparently) was reading the reference guides on the American Civil War, on Grammar Rules, Weights and Measurement Conversions, or on Chemistry formulas. There's just something satisfying about seeing everything you kinda know laid… Continue reading Reference Guides Galore!

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How to make writing less painful (for younger students)

I get it. Not everybody likes to write, and that's ok. However, I have found that usually this dislike for writing starts somewhere. Your job as a parent or as a teacher is to figure out what the sticking point is, and alleviate the tension. Figure out what exactly it is that make writing so… Continue reading How to make writing less painful (for younger students)

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Change up those writing assignments!

In school, writing is broken up into three major categories. These are called Expository (Fact) Writing, Narrative Writing, and Argument (Opinion) Writing. Is one of your goals this year to have your child practice doing different types of writing? One way you can mix up their writing is by having them write about the same… Continue reading Change up those writing assignments!