Teaching from home

I am planning on sharing my resources to families who find themselves at home with their children for the next 6-weeks (or so).

I’m still learning the technology, so bear with me 🤪

Preschool / Kindergarten

I currently teach a at-home preschool group for ages 3-7. My kids will still be learning with me at home, and I plan on recording our lessons to be able to share. During this time, we’ll have:
* Calendar Time (which includes a TON of math/number sense)
* Math Time (this week will be basic fractions followed by pattern block shapes) “
* Letters (I’ll share various activities for all learning-to-read levels)
* Content (This week we’ll be finishing up our animal theme with Animal Habitats, then move on to the Human Body next week)

I hope you’ll join us! I’ll be sharing the lives on my private facebook group (message me if you want to join!) and lesson plans through this site.

Older Kids (age 7-high school)

For your older kiddos, I’ll be sharing my lesson plans for The Story of Doctor Dolittle. This story is great for all ages, and different reading levels can focus on different aspects of the story. The chapters are short enough and there are enough my pictures that my littles enjoyed reading the story with me, and older kids can read it on their own, or you can do read aloud time as a family 🙂